Brekke Dance Center Tuition

Be informed of financial expectations

Brekke Dance Center Tuition

Annual Registration Fee: $25.00 / plus tax
Annual Recital Fee (per dancer): $85.00 plus tax with 1-2 dances in show, $115.00 plus tax with 3+ dances in show, (Paid registration and recital fees are non-refundable.)

Costumes: Costumes prices range from $75-95 per costume. Deposits are $50 per costume.

Multiple Class Discount: $30 plus tax for 2nd , 3rd, and 4th, classes at are 30-45 minutes each. Multiple classes that are 60-90 minutes classes are $36 each. Single Dancer’s cap is $295—for limitless classes.

Monthly Tuition Rates

Weekly Class LengthMonthly Tuition Rate
30 minute class$38.50
45 minute class$47.50
60 minute class$57.50
75 minute class$62.50
90 minute class$72.50

Prices do not include tax.