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The New Hybrid Classroom

With social distancing being the new norm, we have created for your dancer a new Hybrid Classroom! We have mapped out our entryways into the studio and exiting the studio with social distancing. We have created in the classroom your own special space to dance in that is 10’ X 6’, and a special space for you to put your personal belongings in (mainly dance shoes) with distant from everyone else.

We have added TV monitors in every classroom and will continue Zoom/Virtual Classes that will be running the same time that live classes will run. That way you can either take the live class in the studio or stay at home and take the live class from home; its up to you! Even if you can’t make the scheduled time of the class, it will be recorded for your convenience! That way you can take the class when your can, or even watch and participate in the class again.

In between classes, we will clean each space and prepare for the next groups entering our dance studio areas. We also will have the lead teacher in the room and an assistant teacher to help with the Zoom classes and anyone who needs extra attention in the room (bathroom breaks and bandaid service). Therefore, our scheduled times need to change so we can have the time to clean.

Also, the Hybrid Class is set up for 9 dancers in the room. Therefore if you don’t sign up in time to engage in the live class, there will be room for you in the Zoom class. We will open extra classes if there is a need for more live classes. Please check out our updated summer schedule and register your dancer for classes! You may specify in the comments if you prefer live or zoom class. Thank you so much for your support during these crazy times. We at Brekke Dance Center are doing everything we can to allow your dancer to continue her/his passion for the art of dance!

Private Training

During these social distancing times, we are also providing private lessons to our dancers. This is a one on one class with your teacher. If you are interested in this type of class please call our number 515-243-4174 and we will schedule classes for you. Typically this is a 30 minute to and hour class weekly. It could be jazz or whatever genre of dance or technical training like working on turning skills, flexibility and strength. The class is designed so each dancer set their own goals. If you have an questions please call.

You can dance in the studio with social distancing rules. You may also still livestream classes from home. Check out our summer schedule.

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Welcome to Brekke Dance Center! We have dance studios in Des Moines and Grimes, Iowa. We take the task of educating dancers seriously, and appreciate that you have chosen our studios! Dance education is like other forms of education. There are progressive levels set within the curriculum. Our highly trained staff observe each dancer and plan weekly classes which promote growth while striving to make class time enjoyable.

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Brekke Dance Center - Learn from Highly Trained Staff! - Dance Studios in Des Moines and Grimes, Iowa!

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Get the best dance education from Brekke Dance Center. Our staff are highly trained, have college educations and are Dance Masters of America certified!

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Brekke Dance Center - Become a Well Rounded Dancer! - Dance Studios in Des Moines and Grimes, Iowa!

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Our students are well rounded! We offer a large variety of classes to choose from including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Tumbling and more!

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Brekke Dance Center - Dance to Have Fun and Be Healthy! - Dance Studios in Des Moines and Grimes, Iowa!

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Come dance with Brekke Dance Center to not only have fun, but be healthier too! Dance is great exercise and we encourage healthy lifestyles. Also, we are a family friendly school!

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