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New Grimes Location

We have a new location in Grimes! We've moved to 3650 SW Brookside Drive! We will soon have new pictures on the Grimes Page to reflect this! Be sure to visit us during our open house at . See you there!

Be sure to register online or call us for 2017-18 season dance classes today!

2017-18 Dance Season (Updated)

Our 2017-2018 SCHEDULE is POSTED! Come dance with educated and well rounded teachers; where our priority is teaching proper technique to you favorite dancer but most importantly, to HAVE FUN!

Check out our studios during our open houses!

Des Moines Location:
Saturday, August 5th - 10am to Noon
Thursday, August 10th - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Grimes Location:
Monday, August 14th - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

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Dance Performance 2017

It's that time of year again! Come see Brekke Dance Center take the stage in our 31st year for Dance Performance 2017. Our recital will be held at the Staplin Performing Arts Center at Valley High School Friday, June 9th at 6:30 pm and Saturday, June 10th at 2pm. Admission is free! Come see what our students have been up to this year!

2016 August Updates

WELCOME to our 2016-17 Dance Season! We are so excited about getting back to dance! Last year we added to our curriculum of dance classes TLT/SAS class (short for Turns, Leaps, and Tricks/ Stretch and Strengthen). It was very well received so it will continue in our schedule. This season we are adding separate jazz/MT (Musical Theater) classes for you. We also are adding separate Hip-Hop classes. Thank you so much for all of the gifts, gifts cards, flowers, movie passes, and of course, Waterfront! It is so very thoughtful and appreciated!

SUMMER of 2016 was filled with Dance Camps! We had tumbling camps, Turns, Leaps, and Tricks camps, Princess Camps, and Dance Team Camps. We also started choreography for the new season-solos, duo/trios, small group and large group dances. We had guest artists in to teach, and our own award winning staff began the process of creating new dances for the coming season.Our dance teams danced at a National competition in Saint Louis and came home with top 5 awards winning 1st overall for the production number "Guys and Dolls! It was a wonderful summer of dance!

DRESS CODE It is important what we wear when we are learning-and that means when we are dancing. It is so important to the confidence of the dancer. Everyone should wear solid color leotards, preferably black or pink, and tights, preferably tan or pink, to class. Hair should be worn up in a ponytail or bun. Buns are very helpful to dancers trying to improve their turns-hair is not whipping in their face and their head can whip easier (spotting). Dancers may wear dance skirts and shorts. (No shorts during ballet technique classes.)

DANCE SHOES We have updated our shoe list for the season. Don't panic if you already have other shoes that are not mentioned on this list. You may use the ones you have now, but when you go to get new ones for the recital or competition, please get these:

  • Ballet Shoes should be the new SD16 Canvas Ballet Shoe. It comes in a new color, tan, that matches the tights that we wear for recital. It also comes with the elastic sewn on, so it is much easier.
  • Tap Shoes are still the Mary Jane Tap Shoe for younger dancers. It should match your recital tights, which are caramel. Older dancers, 6th grade and up should wear the Black Flex Tap Shoe.
  • Competition Tap Shoes are SO388L-Tap Flex in Black. Anyone in 6th grade and up should wear these shoes for tap. They have a better sound than the tan shoes!
  • Jazz Shoes For recital will be tan. Please wear the new "Pulse" shoe. SO470.
  • Competition Jazz shoes can be tan and/or black. We will have a full list in December.
  • Lyrical Shoes There are several options: The half soled Block Stretch Canvas is called "The Spin;" and the leather is called "The Eclipse." Some dancers still like the Freeforms in Caramel. All of these are acceptable.
  • Hip-Hop Shoes For class are Sneakers. We will announce in January for recital.

OBSERVING CLASS Viewing class is available from August through December. We have observation windows in all studio spaces except the purple studio in Des Moines. If you want to view your child's progress in there you may come into the classroom to watch. We do ask that you also don't talk during class because of how distracting it is to dancers and the teacher. In January, viewing windows will be closed to concentrate on recital dances. Teachers will invite parents in when they want to show them the progress that is being made in class.

OFFICE STAFF Our office staff will be available to collect fees as well as answer any questions that you may encounter during the season. They will also communicate to our staff if you have a concern that we need to address. Teachers usually cannot speak with parents during class time but would be available sometime during the week to answer your concerns. Our office staff can communicate that to Paula and we will get to you ASAP. Office hours are 5:00 to 7:30p.m. on days that the studio is open. In Grimes that is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. In Des Moines that is Monday through Thursday, and Saturday from 10 to noon. Our office manager is Deb DuBuc. She is in charge of all accounts. Don't hesitate to speak to her during above times by calling 515-243-4174.

DANCE CURRICULUM For the past 36 years (I taught for 6 years before I opened my own studio), I have continued to enhance our dance curriculum on all levels and styles of dance. Our highly trained staff observes each dancer and plans weekly classes in ways, which promote growth and skill levels for all dancers within a class. We take the task of educating our dancers seriously; we also strive to make each dancer's class time enjoyable. The art of dance not only promotes well-rounded strength, poise, and flexibility, but also helps dancers learn about respect, concentration (focus), rhythm, and knowledge for all types of music. We will make every effort to keep you informed about what is going on in the classroom-what skills we are working on, what improvements we are making, the latest in dance fads, etc.

FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS Tuition is due by the 20th through the 1st of each month beginning on August 20 and ending on May 20th. You also have the option of paying on the 1st of the month beginning on September 1st and ending on June 1st. That is 40 lessons for the season divided equally in 10 payments. Late fees will be applied to tuition not paid by the 1st of the month. We have auto pay available for your convenience.

RECITAL FEES are due in October for new dancers and due in August for returning dancers. The fees are 85 to 115 annually, depending on the number of dances each student participates in. Recital fees pay for the rental of the auditorium and backstage space, lighting/sound staff, extra lighting, marley floor rental, etc.

COSTUME DEPOSITS Costume deposits are due in October for dance teams: 95 per group dance. Balances will be posted in December. Costume deposits for recital dances are due in November-50 per costume. These deposits help us order the costume. The balance will be posted to your account in January.


  • Dance Studio Areas This is where we dance! Do not wear shoes into this room that you wear outside! Bring in Dance Bags and water bottles. No other liquid can come into the studio area. (This is to keep floors as clean as possible. It is also to protect costumes.)
  • Green Room in DSM This is the only place in the studio to eat! Dancers may bring a light lunch or snack. No Messy foods! No high aroma foods like popcorn or highly spiced pastas. Clean up your own mess. That includes what gets spilled on the floor. There are Lysol wipes that you may use to keep your area clean.
  • Speaking of Green Do your part for the environment by using re-usable containers when bringing food into the studio. Less garbage would be appreciated by Paula and the World! We do have a recyclable bin out back for plastic bottles, paper, and cardboard.


  • in providing the highest quality dance education possible.
  • learning is fun!
  • in safety first
  • Dance and tumbling are a progression of skills. We will not allow your child to attempt skills she/he is not ready to learn.
  • teaching students respect for instructors, other dancers, and self.
  • in being on time for class, appropriately attired, and ready to learn.
  • in performing as a means to increase confidence and self esteem.
  • in preventing injuries by educating students on how to take care of their bodies through proper body alignment and proper warm-up.
  • in the benefit of coordinating body and mind with music and rhythmic patterns.
  • in respect for ones body by making healthy choices.
  • in encouraging the achievement of excellence by competing only with oneself.


Tuitions Due: 1st of Each Month
Late Fees Posted: 10th of Each Month
Competition Costume Deposits Due October 1st
ARIZONA JAZZ DANCE September 30 - October 2nd in Tucson
DANCE MASTERS WORKSHOP Sunday, October 9th - WDM Marriot
TOP DANCE DIRECTIVE Sunday, October 16th - Hy-Vee Hall
Recital Costume Deposits Due November 1st
THANKSGIVING BREAK November 23rd - 27th
Competition Costume Balance Due December 1st
CIVIC CENTER NUTCRACKER December 16th & 17th
HOLIDAY BREAK December 20th through January 2nd
First Day Back Monday, January 3rd, 2017
Recital Costume Balances Due January 1st

DANCE MASTERS STC/PAC February 3rd - 5th Norwalk HS
TRIBUTE DANCE COMPETITION February 24th - 26th Valley HS
KAR-Kids Artistic Review Comp March 4th - 5th Stephens Auditorium
SPRING BREAK March 11th - 17th
TALENT ON PARADE COMP March 23rd - 26th Hy-Vee Hall
IN10SITY DANCE COMP May 12th - 14th Des Moines
DRESS REHEARSAL June 8th at Valley HS Auditorium
DANCE PERFORMANCE 2017 June 9th & 10th at Valley HS Auditorium

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